Boot Camp / Workshop / Mentoring Service Subscription

Your subscription is non-refundable, but you can cancel on your next monthly invoice whenever you wish.

As part of your subscription you will be granted access to systems, content, people, and proprietary items. By completing this purchase, You agree as follows:

We may terminate your subscription at any time by completing the current period of subscription and notifying you of termination or terminating services without prior notice.

Other than content you provide to us, all of the content we provide or transmit to you is proprietary, and we retain all rights to it.

You agree not to disclose anything about our systems, methods, services, content, or any items we provide without our advanced express written consent as to each specific disclosure.

You bought it - you got it. No returns, refunds, or guarantees are provided. AS-IS. We are not liable for anything in regards to the performance of the services you pay for or that we offer. The detailed terms of our contract in this regard are available upon request.

You snooze you lose - until payment is made we don't guarantee slots at offered dates and times. If we make an appointment that you agree to and you miss it, you lose the opportunity. While we try to adapt and accomodate wherever possible, and we communicate in advance about and seek to confirm each appointment, you are responsible to make it.

Other terms and conditions may apply over time. Systems you have and will have access to include "Terms of use" or other similar terms and conditions, including this one. You agree to them and will follow them, both as they are today, and as they may change into the future. As/if you do not agree you will stop using those systems and/or services. Your continued use constitutes an agreement to and stipulation of your continued agreement under the new terms.