Angel to Exit CEOs (and Founders) Forum

The A2E CEO's Forum was originally designed for our portfolio client CEOs to communicate with each other and get aide and comfort. It is confidential, non-solicitation, polite, and direct. They already had access to our custom tools and metrics, and now they had ways to understand each other better, get advanced copies of new articles, and other benefits that come with membership.

We decided to open up the service to a wider audience (in separate time slots for separate cadres) as well.

Time slots now opened for 2nd Tuesday of each month 1100 and 1430 Pacific Time
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I'm a CEO and want to spend some time with my peers...

In the A2E CEO's Forum you take an hour a month to give and get mutual assistance, make friends, and share thoughts with other CEOs.

  • Members get monthly group discussions with other CEOs to learn from and help each other.

  • Members provide and get connections to resources and discussions with other CEOs about those resources and what they do and do not do well.

  • Members get and give insights into how other CEOs met challenges you may be meeting today.

  • Members get advanced copies of monthly articles and access to interviews and other videos not released to the public.

  • Members get access to our Metrics program to track their status and progress against criteria our investor affiliates use to measure and track their investments.

  • Our active angel/advisors participate (most of them are or have been CEOs too), so you get insights and perspectives from hundreds of other CEOs they advise and work with.

  • And then there's the other stuff we are always working on... You get to influence future articles and tools. The things nobody else provides... we do!

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I'm an early stage founder...

The A2E Founders Forum provides the same service, but focused on early stage founders who are looking for help with the basics. It's open to:

  • Founders who have not yet formed their corporations.

  • Founders who don't yet have sales or a viable product in the marketplace.

  • Founders who are still devising their basic business plans.

  • Founders who are trying to get their startups started up.

  • Founders who want to get perspectives on critical early decisions.

As your company gets to the next level, you can move into the CEOs forum and get and give mutual assistance for the next phase of your growth.

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So how much does it cost? Millions?! Billions?! NO!!! (I feel like I am selling something on TV here).

It's inexpensive. Less than what you probably pay for coffee every month.

We asked some of our folks what they pay for similar in person forums, and we decided to offer the A2E CEOs Forum (and the Founders Forum) for 1/10th the cost. Plus, no travel to and from, no meal costs, less environmental damage, and you can do it when you're on the road, at home, picking up the kids, or whatever!

Just take an hour out of your schedule each month to help you stay centered, in touch, and ready to go!

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