Access to Capital

Many startups want to gain access to capital to start, grow, expand, or bridge. But what does it take to succeed?

    Our "Access to Capital" (A2C) approach has proven successful in getting companies
    access to high quality investors who actually invest.
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What is this A2C approach and how does it work?

    The A2C approach goes through a 5-step process to get companies access to capital.

    • Step 1: Goto Angel - You present your company live online remote to a small group of angel investors and advisors. This includes a recorded presentation, live Q&A session, feedback on topics investors use to make investment decisions, and an identified path forward. Depending on the path forward, any of the following steps may be skipped.

    • Step 2: Access To Capital Process - This live online remote program reviews your current situation and path forward from the perspective of a potential high quality investor. It uses our proprietary software, systems, and content, has 1-on-1 sessions with your mentor, and a monthly group call for all interested participating companies.

    • Step 3: Advisory Support - Individual advisors or an advisory board is put in place to help prepare and adapt the company to attain a fundable state and plan. This continues as you build toward an investable opportunity.

    • Step 4: Complete internal diligence - Successful startups complete an internal diligence process. This yields a completed internal diligence report, deal room, executive summary, tear sheet, presentation, term sheet, investable instrument, and related material. This feasible, fundable, documented path forward shows the serious investor that you are a serious candidate for their investment, answers the vast majority of questions they will ask, and shows them that you can be trusted with their investment.

    • Step 5: Capital Investment As you are ready, we will introduce you to serious investors suited to your business and help get you in front of them so you have access to capital.

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What is the success rate?

Many times you have probably heard that "past performance is not a predictor of future success". Certainly, there is luck involved in big exits. But I like the saying "success is 10% inspiration and 90% perspiration." Here is what the companies we have helped have achieved since starting this process with us:

    80% of companies completing these steps have been vetted by and presented to top tier investment groups and other high quality investors, and have gotten investments from them.

How do I start?

"The longest journey starts with a single step". The first step is to:

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After applications are processed, additional details will be provided to support and optimize your participation. Fees will be charged only if accepted.

We are not investment counselors, lawyers, or accountants.
Our information program does NOT provide legal advice, accounting advice, or investment advice regarding any specific investment opportunity or circumstance.
We are angel investors and business advisors with experience in angel investing, business advice for startups and operating companies, and related matters.
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